Information on Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Eating:

Diabetes has become a huge issue in Australia and throughout the world with many people getting diagnosed each year. This website has been created to give everyone the opportunity to know what diabetes is and educate them on how you can maintain it or prevent it from occurring, linking diabetes with healthy eating. Read the following information to learn more on diabetes and healthy eating.

What are Type Two Diabetes and What are the Causes and Effects:

Type Two Diabetes known also as non-insulin dependent diabetes or mature on set diabetes, occurs when the body only produces some insulin. The condition is described as experiencing hyperglycemia (raised sugar levels) despite the availability of insulin (Porth, 2007). Insulin resistance means that fat, liver and muscle cells do not respond normally to insulin. As a result they do not store sugar for energy this then leads to the tissue not responding well to insulin. The pancreas then produces more and more insulin hence the sugar is not getting into the tissues and abnormally high levels of sugar build up in the blood (hyperglycemia). Many people with insulin resistance have hyperglycemia and high blood insulin levels at the same time. People who are overweight have a higher risk of insulin resistance, because fat interferes with the body's ability to use insulin. Type 2 diabetes accounts for 85-90% of all people known to suffer from diabetes. It is thought that type two diabetes occur not only due to lifestyle factors but can also relate to genetic predisposition. Lifestyle factors such as obesity or being over weight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol all increase the risk of developing this condition. It is thought though that roughly 15-20% of people with a direct family history will develop this condition (Porth, 2007). At the moment type two diabetes affects those most commonly over the age of forty and is not considered a young persons condition though with an increasing obesity rate amongst the young it is set and already is affecting all ages. By maintaining a healthy diet, exercising and regular visits to the GP this condition could decrease in severity but at the current time is becoming an epidemic.
It is hoped that if the person seeks treatment early and it diagnosed with this condition better management can occur. If blood sugar continues to be raised for long periods the diabetic puts them self at risk of developing:
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Blindness
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney failure
If treatment is sort early and management of diabetes occur the risk of developing these conditions significantly decreases.

Overview of how type two diabetes occurs
Overview of how type two diabetes occurs

Symptoms of Type Two Diabetes:

In type 2 diabetes people can often have little symptoms or none at all. People just dismiss the signs as just them getting older in age. Some of the common symptoms that people experience include:
  • Being more thirsty
  • Passing more urine
  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Feeling hungry most of the time
  • Having wounds or cuts that slowly heal
  • Itching and skin infections
  • Blurred vision
  • Mood swings
  • Slowly putting on weight
  • Headaches
  • Cramps in legs
  • Feeling a dizzy sensation

Risk Factors of Type Two Diabetes:

It is known that there is not just one single cause of type 2 diabetes. There are a number of contributing factors that can and cannot be changed. The risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes include the following:
  • A family history of diabetes
  • People who are over the age of 45 years, are overweight and have a high blood pressure
  • People from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background and are over 35 years of age
  • People from Pacific Island, Indian subcontinent or Chinese cultural and are over 35 years of age
  • People who have a cardiovascular disease such as angina or narrowed blood vessels
  • Women who had gestational diabetes while pregnant and women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome and are over weight
  • People who are over the age of 55 - risk increases as people get older
  • People who are overweight
  • People who do a low level of physical activity
  • People who eat unhealthy foods
  • People who have a high blood pressure and cholesterol level
  • People who smoke cigarettes

People who believe that they are at a risk or think that they might have type 2 diabetes due to having a number of the risk factors present in their life should consult with their doctor to get a blood glucose test done.

Healthy Eating:

Healthy eating for people with type 2 diabetes can have a positive impact on blood glucose levels, your cholesterol and triglycerides, blood pressure and body weight. Recipes that are low in fats, sugar and salt are are suitable for people with diabetes. some guidelines for healthy eating are listed below. obtained from
  • Eat regular meals through the day. You need to have breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Choose a food containing some carbohydrates at each meal. This would mean having a choice of pasta, rice, cereal, bread or potato at each meal.
  • Select a variety of healthy foods from the different food groups. Foods would include cereals, fruit and vegetables, low fat dairy products and lean meat.
  • Avoid saturated fats that are found in animal foods like full fat milk, butter and cheese as well as palm oil and coconut products, processed meat and snacks and takeaway foods.
  • Take moderate amounts of unsaturated fats like olive, canola or sunflower oil, mono or polyunsaturated margarine's, oily fish, avocado and seeds and nuts.
  • Whenever having carbohydrate foods ensure that they contain lots of fibre. Great selections include wholegrain breads, high fiber breakfast cereals, pasta noodles and legumes such as baked beans.
  • Baked items like cakes and biscuits are occasional foods to be taken in sensible sized serves (small). This is even the case when they are low in fat.
  • Avoid lollies and sweet soft drinks.
  • Select low salt commercial products and avoid adding salt at the table.
  • If you drink alcohol at all, only drink alcohol in moderation. Try to keep to one standard drink per day for women and two for men with at least two alcohol days per week.

Ingredients of a Healthy Food
Ingredients of a Healthy Food

Picture of healthy foods from:

Suggested Recipe:

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Mixed bean Burgers
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 medium onion, finely chopped recipeoftheweek.jpg
2 cloves garlic, crushed
750g can four bean mix, drained, lightly mashed
1 tsp cumin
¼ tsp salt
2 cups wholemeal breadcrumbs
3 eggs, lightly beaten
¼ cup wholemeal plain flour
2 Tbsp olive oil, extra
  1. Heat oil in fry pan and sauté onion and garlic until soft. Place in a large bowl.
  2. Add beans, cumin, salt, breadcrumbs and eggs. Mix well. Using a ¼ cup measure, form mixture into burgers and toss gently in flour.
  3. Heat extra oil in fry pan or on BBQ and cook burgers until golden on both sides.

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